Louisa Onomé

Louisa Onomé is a contemporary YA writer based in the Toronto area.

She is Nigerian-Canadian, holds a BA in professional writing, and works in counselling. She is also an all-around cheerleader for diverse works and writers.

When she is not writing, her hobbies include picking up languages she may never use, trying to bake bread, and perfecting her skincare routine.



(HarperCollins Canada; Delacorte Press/PRH, 2021)

Sixteen-year-old Chinelo is all about her neighborhood. She loves the chill vibe of Ginger East, its ride-or-die sense of community, and the good memories she has of her best friends growing up there. Of course, Ginger East isn’t what it used to be — most of her friends moved away leaving new, gentrified businesses to move in — but, she still has Kate, whose family owns local staple Ginger Store. As long as both Kate and Ginger Store never leave, she’s good.

But when Ginger Store is broken into, Nelo’s sense of security is shaken. The outside world descends upon Ginger East with promises to “fix the neighborhood” — and suddenly Nelo finds herself in the middle of a drama unfolding on a national scale. To make matters worse, Kate begins acting strange and distant, pushing Nelo away at the exact moment they need each other most. Nelo’s entire world is morphing into something she hates and she must figure out how to get things back on track or risk losing everything to the constant monster of change. It should be for the better, but better for who?

With themes reminiscent of Angie Thomas’ THE HATE U GIVE, Renee Watson’s THIS SIDE OF HOME, and Netflix’s ON MY BLOCK, LIKE HOME explores the bonds of community and what it really means to change.

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